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Solutions designed to generate saving and efficiency in the sourcing process of your company. Our service allows a reactive tacitly and strategically management of bidding process, executing spending analysis, increasing suppliers options and facilitating negotiations with them.


A digital solution for speed up and control the supply process of your business, since the purchase order management, to the delivery of the goods and services of an integrated system with your ERP.


Solution oriented to contracts management, which consist in the control of contractual activities. The objective is maximize results and minimizes risks in contracts.


Solution of electronic invoicing that complies with the normative required by SUNAT, that reduces the dedicated time in papers management and the invoice processing cycle.


Solution the speed up the reception of physical and digital invoices, and the communication with your suppliers confirming the accounting of the invoice, the payment schedule and the payment details when it is done.


Finance to your supply chain through Reverse Factoring that allows your suppliers meet in advance of its receivable accounts, improving the control of your cash flow, guarantying liquidity to attend your business objectives in mutual benefit.


Allows negotiations and price establishment and terms in an easier, dynamic and efficient way. With and experience in auctions in more than 300 category, the process allows you generate competition in real time between suppliers previously registered, allowing MAXIMIZE SAVINGS in your company.
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