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About Us
Since its founding in 2001, Ebiz has offered digital solutions for sourcing process to its corporate clients and suppliers. Top companies in the country trust in Ebiz Procure-to-Pay services.

Ebiz was created by Valinvest Group initiative, private investment funds manager, after identifying requirement of e-business in the market, and developing information and technology solutions focusing in effective time saving, workforce and purchasing activities costs.

Since the start of its operations, Ebiz has increased the spectrum of its digital solutions following the rhythm of its client needs and observing the market, with the objective the companies of all sizes and sector get benefits of its management with new technologies.

Sustained profitability and costs control requires the companies to optimize practices related with supply chain. Our solutions simplify and automatize Procure-to-Pay process to organizations benefits.
EBIZ provides solution - to reduce long time cost through the supply chain, generating savings and facilitating finance to suppliers.
  • Generates savings throughout the supply chain.
  • Cut spending on goods and services.
  • Improves productivity by reducing processes and participants time.
  • Guarantees best practices in the performance as a buyer and supplier
  • Increase buyer - supplier value.


  • S/ 21,200 millions in published invoices yearly
  • S/ 4,200 millions in annual purchases
  • + 120 buyer companies.
  • + 20 millions of annual transactions
  • + 30,000 supplier companies registered
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