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Saving and optimization of digital solution to the managements of bidding management in your company. Our eSourcing service provides a set of benefits that increase the efficiency in your purchasing management, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Our platform have a strategic partnership with Vortal, European company leader in digital solution of purchasing, with operations in differents Europe and Latin America countries, with over 120,000 clients of companies of public and private sector in its eSoursing management.

eSourcing service have a saving orientation and it is designed to automatize purchasing process through search, selection and negotiation with suppliers, with the following advantages:

  • Reducing administrative tasks op to 60% through electronic media in hiring.
  • Simplify process through fully electronic flow, without emails, fax, or mails, all in one place.
  • Bigger number of offers per procedure, allowing savings close to 20%.
Benefits to suppliers

Being a user of EBIZ platform and member of eMarketplace gives these benefits:

  • Participation of a transparent purchase process, and a reference frame of interchange of information to place the best offer
  • Increment of visibility and participation in a structured eMarketplace that helps comercial reationships and competence.
  • • Better comprensión of the culture and organization of your client, as well as its visión and values, allowing better and longer relationships.
  • • Improvements in the process of product validation and differentiating services, as well as precise information delivery in response to RFP.

  • Promotes standarization and sinergys.
  • Electronic supplying may help you to reduce coodination time with the client.
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